I'm a Tennessee girl, puppy mom & coffee snob. I'm daughter to Lele & Beane, a.k.a. my beautiful & loving parents who will one day take those names when they become grandparents. Cute right?!

My parents raised me to always pursue my dreams, to walk in love, and to find beauty in every little detail of life.

Most days you'll find me working in my grandpa's old PJ's, drinking pour-over coffee with my latest Spotify playlist humming in the background. There's normally 10 new ideas of things I want to do everyday. I'm an artist of all sorts & never want to stop learning OR traveling. I always have my bags packed for my next adventure!

In college, I received a bachelor's in Fine Arts where I focused on painting and art therapy. After graduation, I traveled around the world to 11 countries in 11 months with the World Race, which led me to developing international logistics platforms & sparked my love of website design. I never imaged that my passions could become my full-time career. I love the many places it's taken me & the life long friendships it has created.

I desire to foster a comfortable and playful environment for all of my clients. I’m a lover of candid moments, authenticity, taking great adventures, and following your dreams.

In every venture, you get all of me. I’m your biggest fan, your fellow dreamer, and your confidant. I will take care of you. When I look through my lens into your life, I want to show you parts of who you are that you have yet to encounter. The awesome part, you don’t need to do anything but just simply be yourself!