travel photographer


I'm a Tennessee girl, plant mom & coffee snob. I'm daughter to Lele & Beane, aka my beautiful & loving parents who will one day take those names when they become grandparents. Cute right?!

Most days you'll find me working in my grandpa's old PJ's, drinking pour-over coffee with my latest Spotify playlist humming in the background. There's normally 10 new ideas of things I want to do everyday. I'm an artist of all sorts & never want to stop learning OR traveling - I always have my bags packed for my next adventure!

I've taken photos since grade school, then moved forward with a bachelor's degree at Union University in Fine Arts & minor in Photography. It's now matured in a way that I never imagined & I'm so blessed to call it a full-time career. I love the many places it's taken me & the life long friendships it has created.

My goal is to foster an environment for my clients that creates comfort & evokes emotion. I’m a lover of candid moments & desire to capture the raw, the messy, the genuine, lots of giggles, and everything in between.

I believe that every scar, freckle, stretch mark, & belly roll made you who you are today. Every last inch of you is so stinkin' beautiful! My dream clients prefer emotion over technically correct & are ready to jump off the beaten path for a killer shot. I've traveled to over 25+ countries and will hop on a plane in a heartbeat to come photograph you.

If you connect with that, I'd love to hear from you!