Absolutely nothing in the world compares to watching a mother lock eyes with her newborn baby for the first time. Let’s be honest - I used to freak out that I would miss the moment because my eyes are usually gushing with tears too. I consider it the greatest honor to be in birthing room with you & love capturing your memories with professionalism & grace.

what to expect

Every birth story is different, so let’s go through my top questions below to bring you some clarity.

  • Prior to the birth, I will communicate directly with you & your support person (husband, father, mother, etc.) to know when the best time would be to come. If I am in the area, I do not head to the hospital until 5cm dilated (if travel is required, I’ll leave an hour per cm before 5cm).

  • Once I’ve arrived, I will introduce myself to all family & friends who are there as well as any doctors, midwives, or nurses to make sure they know me & to go over any photo restrictions. From there, I can capture family & friends if you are still not in active labor.

  • During active labor, I will stand happily behind your shoulder, capturing only you & your support person. I do not get all up in your business unless it is specifically requested. We will most likely be in a small, dimly lit room with harsh lighting, & I will try my best to stay out of sight, out of mind. Depending on the lighting, I may ask the attendant to turn on some lights for photo purposes.

  • Once your precious miracle arrives, I will capture your first look & first family photo together. From there, you may allow the baby to get cleaned while the doctor patches you up & I will follow the baby to capture all the little details (toes, fingers, eyes, handprints, shots, etc.).

  • From there, you may go into skin-to-skin which I can stay to capture and/or then mozzy on into the waiting room to capture all of your guests anxiously waiting.

  • Last, I love capturing the first look of all of your guests with your new baby before you head up to your overnight room!

During the entire experience, I will rarely if ever pose you. I may ask your support person to put his/her hand on your belly or hold your hand during labor for a photo, but other than that, I will be capturing everything in a raw, candid, and documentary style form.

birth photography
birth photography