Boudoir Photography

A boudoir (boo-dwar) photo shoot is a trend that started in the 20s that consists of variations of candid & posed photographs of clients partly clothed or in lingerie. Generally speaking, the trend today consists of brides surprising their future husbands by gifting images of themselves on their wedding day.

Woman – It takes the understanding of a woman to comprehend the true complexity of the word. A woman is a friend & confidant, a daughter, wife, or even mother. A woman is a professional, a decision-maker & a trendsetter. A woman is a communicator, motivator & an executer. Every woman I know effortlessly assumes the multifaceted role of womanhood. Unfortunately, every woman I know rarely experiences the opportunity to marvel in the simplistic joy of being herself.


Boudoir photography has become a niche of mine that I've come to really enjoy, driven by a deep desire to see women connect with their true beauty. To be welcomed into such a raw, vulnerable space for a woman is one of the highest honors that I consider as a photographer. We live in a world of "not enough". We are never beautiful enough, successful enough, skinny enough... and the list goes on. With each shot, my clients learn to love themselves just a little more. They learn to let go of all the things preventing them from being the best woman they can be. They learn the sheer joy of simply being a woman; a bold, courageous, witty, strong, multifaceted woman. You are a masterpiece & I want to show you how stunningly beautiful you truly are!

How You Can Prepare – Continue doing your normal beauty regime & get any specialty services (waxing, teeth whitening) done at least a week before the shoot to avoid irritation, breakouts, etc. I can retouch those things, but it's a tedious process, so planning on your side is super helpful! Drink plenty of water & get a lot of sleep, especially the week leading up to the shoot. Come to the shoot with clean, moisturized skin, this will make your beauty radiate as it catches the light. Clean your wedding rings to make sure they shine bright.

Hair & Makeup – Ask about getting your hair & makeup styled as a part of our package! This depends on the availability of my makeup & hair stylist & is an additional charge. If you would rather do your own hair & makeup, please come prepared prior to the session.

Location – My boudoir sessions take place in my natural light studio, in the home of my clients, private Airbnb homes, or we can get off the beaten path in nature & step into some spectacular environments. I am completely open to whatever you desire!

Arrival – To begin each session, I will have champagne (must show ID) & music provided. Friends & family are welcome, but will be asked to maintain the role of encourager throughout the entire session. Next, we will go through your beautiful lingerie & outfits, demonstrate & go over various poses, as well as spend some time getting to know you & get those nerves out the window!

What To Bring – I recommend you bring at least 3-4 outfits & come dressed in lose fitting clothing to avoid skin indentions. When choosing outfits, consider options that will maximize the amount of looks you desire (think of themes like romantic, sexy, funny, flirty). I heartily encourage to incorporate things specific to the recipient these photos will be going to (for instance, shirt/tie/boxers, jerseys, cowgirl boots, or any hobby that he may have). Last, don't forget the accessories – anything from hose, garters, high heels (one black & one nude pair), and the most important, a robe (silk & lace are great options!)

Images – Within 3-4 weeks after the session, you will receive all of your images fully edited via a private online gallery where you can order prints or download them for personal use. My rule of thumb with editing is - if it won't be there in 30 days, I will take it out. I will also take into consideration any additional editing that you so desire. But remember - you are a masterpiece worth capturing!

DISCLAIMER: I do not share client portraits publicly unless I've been given specific permission. Thank you for honoring my clients & not sharing anything provided to you.