community over competition

LB Education

I would not be where I am today without hundreds of other creatives sharing their business secrets with me. I’m now the proud owner of an almost six-figure business in less than 2 years… so what’s a gal to do? Keep passing it on!

Simply put, I help creatives work from a place of rest - not hustle.

Cue those fizzy bubbles & let’s cheers this one out!



As a small business owner, we wear so many different hats from: photographer, graphic designer, networker, website designer, marketer, customer service, accountant, blogger, etc. It can be very overwhelming!

During your business mentorship, we will spend three hours going over your entire business workflow, catering our lessons to your desired areas of growth. You could walk away with a sample business plan, personalized editing workflow, SEO strategy, or even a client management system set up & ready to go!


Photography Mentorship

As a portrait photographer, we are constantly composing various elements to create our ideal image. There are so many decisions we must make from posing, lighting, setting, composition, then finally… camera settings (ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance). It’s a lot, for any photographer!

During your photography mentorship, we will spend three hours in hands-on training catered to your desired areas of growth. You will walk away with a boost of confidence in your photography skills!


Brand Mentorship

As a creative entrepreneur, you want your brand consistent & trustworthy. This begins with your business name, services you offer, your tone of voice, imagery, and the consistency of your message on every marketing platform. If you are all over the place - your dream client may pass you by.

During our brand mentorship, we will spend three hours diving deep into who you are, why you do what you do, your morals & values, history & passions. You will walk away with a strategic plan of how to properly communicate to your dream client, with a curated brand board to start your business with a bang!