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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you really travel anywhere?

Yes! Anywhere in the country & even the world! I have traveled to over 20+ countries & am very comfortable bringing all my gear with me. In the year 2018, I have been in Guatemala, Texas, California, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alaska, Las Vegas, and Florida! Have a destination on your dream list? Let's check it off together!

What's your experience with photography? 

I graduated from Union University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts & have always deeply loved capturing people in their element. I've been taking photos since middle school, so roughly 15 years of experience. 

What type of equipment do you use?

I shoot with a canon DSLR camera body & switch out my 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm, & 70-200mm lenses based on the setting. I have high quality canon speedlites & magnetmod diffusers if I'm required to use flash. 

How many images can I expect to receive from my session?

It's always been my goal to give you each & every photo that I take during your session. Even though they may not all hang on your wall, I believe that you are paying for a service & deserve to relish in ALL the memories. Depending on the type of session you book, as well as how many posed vs. lifestyle images you prefer, can take into account the amount of photos you'll receive. The only photos that I take out are my mistakes, duplicates, or one I deem totally unnecessary (like when eyes are half closed). You can expect around 50-100 images per hour of shooting time.

How will I receive my final images?

You will receive all of your images in color AND black & white in an online gallery with the ability to download, share & print every image for free. You are free to purchase prints through my online store, or take them anywhere else of your choosing! To see client gallery examples, click here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You will need to reserve your session date through my calendar at It's here that you will pay the 25% deposit & sign off on my terms & conditions before a payment is taken. The final payment will automatically be taken out of your account on the day that they project is scheduled for. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can do so easily through the link shared or email reminders that you will receive.

Will you be watermarking your images?

Absolutely not! I fully believe in giving you the images you paid for, without all the mess of my brand covering up your family's beautiful face. To help each other out, I do ask you to tag me at on any of your images that you post on social media! 

Do you edit / retouch all the photos you give me?

Yes! Every single one. I will work my magic on each individual photo to make it beautiful. My complimentary Level 1 Retouching includes taking out pimples, scratches, or even distracting background noise. Level 2 Retouching includes scars, weight loss, color enhancements, teeth whitening, wrinkle softening, etc. & are considered overtime with an additional rate of $10 per image. Please remember – every scar, freckle, stretch mark, & belly roll made you who you are today. Every last inch of you is so stinkin' beautiful!

How long until I receive my photos? 

For weddings & large events, you will receive your images within 8-12 weeks. For all other sessions, you can expect your images within 4 weeks. For rush delivery, there will may be added fees.


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