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At the beginning of L&B, I knew nothing about running a business! Fast forward and I have an almost 6 figure business where I’m confident in each and every tool listed below. For details on how I use each, sign up for a mentor session here.


Business Toolkit


Inside My Camera Bag

I purchased most of my gear through Amazon because their prices are competitive, their delivery times are fast, their return policies are amazing, and their customer service is great. I'm an affiliate for Amazon, which means I get a small commission whenever a purchase is made using one of the Amazon links on this page. It doesn’t cost you extra, so I’d definitely appreciate it if you’d purchase through these links!



Need insurance for your business, your gear, or a certain wedding venue that’s requiring it? I know a great guy =) He also happens to be my best friend, confidant, & the love of my life. He’s Michael Sargent, a TN State Farm agent. He’s all about making sure you’re completely covered… no matter what insurance company you go with. Call him to get a quote here, 731-407-9229