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Absolutely nothing in the world compares to watching family members interact with a newborn baby for the first time. Let’s be honest, I used to freak out that I would miss those moments because my eyes are usually gushing with tears. I consider it the greatest honor to capture these fleeting moments in your baby’s life. #theygrowupsofast


what to expect

Every birth story is different, so let’s go through my top questions below to bring you some clarity.

  • Prior to the birth, I will communicate directly with you & your support person (husband, father, mother, etc.) as you give me updates on how the birth is going. Once the birth happens, within two days of being in the hospital, your Fresh 48 session will happen.

  • Once I’ve arrived, I will introduce myself to all family & friends who are there as well as any doctors, midwives, or nurses to make sure they know me & to go over any photo restrictions. From there, I will capture family & friends / group shots.

  • Once your precious miracle is hopefully fast asleep & milk drunk, I will capture all of their tiny details (toes, fingers, eyes, handprints, eye lashes, etc.).

  • Next, I can capture skin-to-skin shots, or just close-knit family shots all snuggled together on the hospital bed (or wherever is most comfortable).

  • Last, I’ll capture any shots of immediate or extended family holding your little miracle!

During the entire experience, I will rarely pose you & will be capturing everything in a raw, documentary style aesthetic.

what to bring

  • The more comfortable you are - the better! Bare feet, loose linen clothing, dry shampoo, and a little blush can be your best friend. We are not trying to be super styled, but more capturing the mood of welcoming this tiny living being into the world. In fact, PJ’s can be your best friend momma!

  • Stick with neutral colors for everyone in attendance (no matter the gender) so that the focus can be on your babies tiny details. Bright or bold colors will cast onto everyone’s skin, so make sure to pick out muted, earthy tones.

  • Some clients bring signs with the date, weight, height, etc. spelled out!

  • Keep your newborn in a solid colored, neutral swaddle the entire time. This is not the time for outfits - save them for when they get older.

backup plans

If for whatever reason I am unable to make it (birth complications or if I’m traveling), I do have associate photographers that I have on call. They will honor every single request that you desire & will capture your precious memories in my style of shooting, while honoring you in the entire process. I will edit the photos with my same style.

If none of the above works out (neither myself nor my associate is able to make it), I will give you a Newborn Session at your home or my natural light studio within 1-3 weeks after the birth!

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